No protest flotilla to Syria

During the demonstrations in Syria, Bashar Al Assad ordered to arrest and kill scores of men, and made thousands more flee to Turkey. Taking his father's footsteps, he rules Syria with an iron fist, terrorising his nation for years upon years. And no world-wide angry "peace-activists", rush to do a protest flotilla or fly-in to Syria.

Maybe because all the "peace-keepers" know damn well, if they try landing on Syrian soil – they will be shot-dead. So they turn their efforts where they can be heard without getting hurt – Israel and Gaza. How hypocritically convenient.

If all those "peace-keepers" were doing their job right, they should've first arrange flotillas and flytillas to Iran, Libya, North Korea and other "enlightened regimes". But no. Let's blame the Jews. It's fun, and nobody believes them anymore, anyway.

Israel drinks the blood of young children in Passover.
Have I left anything out?

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